Monday, December 1, 2014

Campaign Update & Action Alert: Nov. 30

·      Deb Cruz is asking our team to consider endorsing the group “Commit2Respond”, which is a group of UU’s and other people of faith working on climate justice. Please check it out and let me know what you think!

·      Together w/MTA-Whatcom and Public Citizen, we held a screening of the documentary “Pay 2 Play” at the Bellingham Public Library on Fri., 11/21. It was well-attended (approximately 65-75 people were there!) and included a post-show discussion, led by a visiting speaker from Public Citizen. We collected some signatures, including a few new volunteers. Afterward, I was contacted about making a presentation about Represent.Us to a future meeting of the Whatcom Co. Democrats.

·      Would you like to help the campaign from the comfort of your home, especially during this cold, dark time of year? If so, we need your help! Our next job is to study local (city & county) laws related to the provisions in the AACA. We need to find out what we already have “on the books” in terms of conflicts-of-interest, transparency in campaign cash, limits on contributions, etc. – specifically, all 11 provisions of the Represent.Us model legislation, the American Anti-Corruption Act.

o   This probably involves scouring the websites of local government, and placing phone calls to them.
o   If you know anyone in local government, you could also reach out to him/her for help in finding out this info.
o   Please email or call me if you can commit to helping with this over the next 1-2 months.

·      The next meeting of MTA-Whatcom will be Wedn., 12/3, 6:15-8pm, in the BUF Conference Room.

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